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Hallo! I am Glockenspiel Stormywether, also known as Glock or CMY2K. I'm a multimedia artist, basically I do stuff like animation, character design, illustration, graphic design, etc.


(Bolded text is my default or most common.)

Digital Illustration tools

  • Paint Tool SAI

  • FireAlpaca

  • Clip Studio Paint

  • MediBang

  • Krita

  • Microsoft Paint

Animation Tools

  • ToonBoom Harmony Essentials

  • Macromedia Flash

  • FireAlpaca

  • Krita

  • Sony Vegas Pro 13

  • Adobe Aftereffects

  • Windows Movie Maker

Traditional supplies

  • mechanical pencil

  • Copics

  • Micron Plastic Nib

  • Copic Multiliner

  • Tombow Fudenosuke

  • Speedball dip pen

  • Speedball India Ink

  • Sakura Gel pens

  • kneedable eraser

  • Ohuhu markers

  • Winsor and Newton Promarkers

  • Winsor and Newton Watercolors

about me!


I love cartoons and rave!!! Hopefully future Graphic Designer, hobbyist in animation.

I design characters and animate, but I'm really not the best at it. That's why it's mostly a hobby.

Facts About Me

  • My favorite Vocaloids are Gumi and Oliver.

  • I used to know how to speak chinese as a child, but i forgot it all :(

  • I sneeze when I eat dark chocolate.

  • Dipper Pines was the first human cartoon character i ever drew.

  • I do both digital and traditional art

  • I prefer drawing anthropomorphic animals, but I don't identify as a furry.

  • I don't identify as having any gender, and I'm asexual (and somewhat aromantic)


Before You Follow...

  • PLEASE use tone indicators when talking to me!!!! i have a hard time telling a joke from text. /j for a joke and /s for sarcasm

  • I also maek freequnt tiypoes, sowry!!!!

  • I'm very irritable, so sometimes I might say things that are passive aggressive but that's how I'm like, don't take it personally! I really don't mean it like that.

  • Please don't go into my DMs suddenly thinking I'm your best friend, I don't like small talk and DMs are only open for commissions or to tell me something I should know. thanks.

  • I DON'T do RP's, please don't ask me to engange in them

  • I have ADHD and might hyperfixate on certain franchises or things, if that annoys you, you might not want to follow!

  • I swear a lot and reference NSFW things as a joke, but I dont ever draw or post anything NSFW.

  • I don't care if my art is reposted or traced, just don't make money off my work

  • please don't be mad if I don't answer your dms or don't do it frequently. I'm a busy person.

DNI if...

  • Are a Dream stan or stan any other of those minecraft youtubers cus you're annoying asf

  • You're a pedophile (MAP) or zoophile, or support them (its sad i have to say this)

  • Are okay with shipping real life people because thats not okay in any context

  • You're into shota/loli/cub porn shit.

  • youre a proshipper

  • You're here for asking uncomfortable personal questions

Comfort Characters

Characters that bring me comfort and make me unreasonably happy when i see them. Pretty self-explanitory. (these are not organized in a list, i love all these characters equally)

Catman John

Shunsaku Ban & Kenichi Shikishima
Shunsaku Ban (aka Higeoyaji, Daddy Walrus, Mr. Mustachio) and Kenichi (aka Kennedy, Ken,) From Tezuka's Star system. My favorite characters of his (and some of his earliest characters ever). I Put them together here because they're usually seen together, and Shunsaku Ban is usually depicted as Kenichi's uncle.

Betty Boop
Betty Boop is an animated character created by Max Fleischer and Grim Natwick.
Might be a generic pick, but for some reason she always brings a smile on my face. I love fleischer cartoons in general but Betty specifically is a personal favorite, and whenever I feel down I watch her cartoons again.

Cheemsburbger, aka Cheems, aka Ballze. ♥♥♥♥

My Wieners
Who has their own characters as comfort characters?? I do. These are my wieners

favorite Disney movie of all time i think

Inspirational people

WIP People I look up to, take inspiration from, or generally admire (they're also all dead and all died at too young of an age, I wonder if that predicts my own fate)


Osamu Tezuka
It's weird, I'm not a fan of anime at all and here is basically the creator of it's legacy right here in my carrd. Tezuka is probably my main source of inspiration as of writing this. His notable works include Astro Boy, Kimba, and my personal Favorite: Unico.

Fred Moore
Despite not being a huge Disney fan, my favorite Disney animator is Fred Moore. He was responsible for redesigning Mickey mouse to his more appealing and softer form. He's popular for his unique way of drawing girls. He's one of my main artistic inspirations


John Paul Larkin
a.k.a Scatman John or the Scatman, is one of my favorite eurodance artist in the 90's. He's recognized by his style of mixing europop with swing, jazz, and scat music. You can learn about about his tragic backstory here

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current logo (pastel)

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alt logo (round)

alt logo (retro, ineligable. used in YouTube watermark)

current logo with flower (used in youtube banner)

Glocken Approved radial logo (sticker/stamp/emblem)

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